The Press Information Officer (PIO) is the official spokesperson of the Department and releases information to the public on behalf of the Chief of Police.  Corporal Andy Luong is the Department’s PIO, and is responsible for the dissemination of information and inquires from the public and media about Department statistics, operations, and special-interest items.

Corporal Luong maintains a cooperative working relationship with the media, releasing factual information, without hindering ongoing investigations.  In the age of Internet and instant communications, the media can be a crucial element in locating wanted suspects, missing juveniles, and generally assisting the Police Department as needed.

The Press information Officer is also a regular guest on the City’s cable program Crime Watch.  Viewers are brought along, via the video camera, with patrol officers to observe how calls are handled. The PIO and the show’s host are able to describe what is occurring to the viewer. Crime Watch communicates valuable information on topics such as crime trends, special events with the Police Department, and education to the public on how to better protect themselves.

Contact Information:
If you have inquires for the Press Information Officer, please contact Corporal Andy Luong at 714-562-3992, via e-mail at