To view employment opportunities with the Buena Park Police Department, visit
City of Buena Park Career Opportunities

Hiring Process 
Step 1: Apply.  Applications are accepted online and screened for minimum qualifications. 

Step 2: Physical Agility Test (PAT). The exercises will consist of a 1.5 mile run, 6-foot chain link fence, 6-foot solid wall, 165-pound body drag, maximum push-ups in two (2) minutes, and maximum sit-ups in two (2) minutes.

Step 3: Written Examination. The Buena Park Police Department uses the PELLETB test. Passing score is over 46. If applicant has already taken the PELLETB and his or her score is higher than 46, applicant does not have to re-test.  PELLET B Practice Test.

Step 4: Oral Interview. An interview asks job-related questions designed to assess the applicant's knowledge and skills. 

Step 5: Background Interview. Applicant will complete the Personal History Statement (PHS) and the Personal Investigative Questionnaire (PIQ). Background Investigator will contact the applicant and review each questions on the PHS and PIQ. 

Step 6: Polygraph. A polygraph is used to confirm the Personal Investigative Questionnaire. 

Step 7: Ride-Along. Applicant will be with a patrol officer for a day to see the city, the culture, and the resources Buena Park has to offer. 

Step 8: Chief Interview. After completion of the background process, the applicant will meet with Interim Chief, Frank Nunes

Step 9: Medical and Psychological Exam.  A conditional offer will be given to the applicant contingent on passing the medical and psychological exam. 

After everything is completed, the Applicant will begin his or her law enforcement career and enter the Academy. Buena Park Police Department sends their recruits to Orange County Sheriff Academy.  The academy is approximately 6 months of hard-work and dedication. Incumbent of passing the academy, the Applicant will be directly assigned with a Field Training Officer for their assignment in patrol. 

Laterals and Pre-Trained do NOT have to participate in the Physical Agility Test or Written Exam.