IMG_7047The Buena Park Police Department Patrol Bureau is the largest of the bureaus within the Department. The Patrol Bureau consists of Officers, Corporals, Sergeants, and Lieutenants who provide exemplary service to the Buena Park community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Police Lieutenants, function as Patrol Watch Commanders, who lead the Patrol Bureau, efficiently coordinating the necessary resources for their Officers and Sergeants to provide the highest quality of service to the community.  Police Sergeants provide guidance, coaching, and training for the Officers and Corporals under their command. The Sergeants are responsible for all field operations and take charge of critical incidents as they occur within the City. The Patrol Bureau’s staffing consists of Police Officers and Corporals, Canine Officers, School Resource Officers, and the Problem-Oriented Policing Team.

The Patrol Bureau’s mission is to provide the finest quality of service possible and to protect and serve the Buena Park community. They are the first responders for calls for any type of police assistance. Every member of Patrol is critical to the overall success of the bureau.  They work hard to proactively reduce the public’s fear of crime, identify and eradicate circumstances that nurture criminal activity, and improve conditions that have a detrimental effect upon public safety in Buena Park.

Patrol Officers are divided into shifts for each day of the week based on the number and nature of calls for service.
The City of Buena Park is divided into areas known as “beats.” Officers are assigned a beat during each shift; usually the same beat, so they become familiar with crime trends, form bonds with business owners and residents. The Officers partner up with one another, as well as members of the community, to identify and solve quality-of-life issues within the City.

All Patrol Officers are thoroughly trained to investigate a wide variety of criminal activity and receive ongoing training in lifesaving techniques, firearms, self-defense, defensive driving, report writing, search and seizure, interviewing, testifying, and ethics, as well as updates on new state and federal laws. Through this training and hands-on experience, Patrol Officers have the expertise and tools necessary to provide the highest quality of service to our community.

Additionally, civilian Cadets and Community Service Aides assist the community as the first point of contact for the public who come to the police station.  Not only do they staff the front counter of the police station, they also provide support to other bureaus.  They are responsible for the completing minor police reports filed at the police station or over the phone, process the release of vehicles that have been stored, impounded, or recovered, and inspect vehicles to ensure equipment violations have been corrected.  Another duty they perform is to fingerprint citizens for employment and licensing applications.