Detectives and support staff conduct follow-up investigations on criminal cases, and prepare them for presentation to the district attorney’s office.  Detectives are available 24-hours a day to provide expertise, guidance, and assistance to the Operations Bureau.  Two sergeants, ten detectives, four school resource officers, three forensic specialists, one crime analyst, two civilian investigative aides, and one records clerk are assigned to the bureau. The bureau focuses on four specific investigative functions: crimes against persons, crimes against property, school resources, and crime scene investigations.  

The Crimes Persons Unit investigates crimes committed against individuals and weapons offenses.  The unit consists of four detectives, with three assigned to investigate family violence, robberies, arsons and homicides.   One detective works in the Special Victims Unit, investigating sex crimes involving both minors and adults. One investigative aide handles Megan’s Law requests, tracking sex registrants, and filing cases with the district attorney’s office.  There is one crime analyst responsible for evaluating crime trends and updating staff with statistics information.  There is also one records clerk in the bureau handling discovery requests on body-worn camera footage. 
The Crimes Property Unit is responsible for investigating crimes that include: burglary, auto theft, vandalism, juvenile crimes, missing persons, fraud, and identity theft.  The unit consists of six detectives and a police service aide.  One investigator is assigned to the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force (OCATT) with a team of investigators from law enforcement agencies throughout Orange County to combat auto theft throughout the region.
Three forensic specialists serve in the Crime Scene Investigation Unit.  Each specialist collects and identifies physical evidence at crime scenes. The forensic specialists document crime scenes using digital photography, video equipment, and computer-aided sketches.  They are instrumental in the identification and prosecution of suspects. 

Contact Numbers:
Detective Bureau
(714) 562-3971 or (714) 562-3977
Forensics / Crime Scene Investigation Unit
(714) 562-3947