Cash or Check Only
No Debit or Credit Cards 

Checks Must Be Exact Amount 

Police Report - $2 per report

V.I.N Verification - $40

Photos - $195

Clearance Letter
Click here for more information.
Fee: $10

Equipment Check / Citation Sign-Off
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Fee: $30

LiveScan Fingerprinting
      Rolling Fee $30
*LiveScan additional charges may apply:
       Department of Justice: $32
       FBI :$17
       Child Services: $25
*Extra fingerprint cards: $5

Subpoena Duces Tecum – Civil $20

Jail Booking Fee (Reso. 12350, adopted 2/9/2010) – $162

Parking Citations
Citations can only be paid by mail.
Mail parking citation to:
       City of Buena Park
       c/o Parking Citation Services Center
       P.O. Box 11923
       Santa Ana, CA 92711

Purchase or Replacement of Residential Parking Permit (Reso. 12349, adopted 2/9/2010)
      Quantity 1-5, Biennial – $10 each
       For Permits After 5, Biennial – $20 each
       Temporary Day Use Only Permit (30 per pack) - $30 per pack

Vehicle Release
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Fee: $165 - cash only

Repossessed Vehicle Receipt
Registered owner must be present with a valid driver's license and current registration.
Upon paying the fee, you must contact the repossession company regarding your vehicle.
Fee: $15