Top Cop - January 2015  The Buena Park Police Department recognizes our officers monthly who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the community.



Due to his outstanding work ethic and investigative skills, the Buena Park Supervisory team selected Police Officer Mario Escamilla as the Police Department’s Top Cop for January 2015.  During the month of January, Officer Escamilla made 14 high-quality arrests due to his quality police work and commitment to ensuring the safety of the Buena Park community. Officer Escamilla's tenacity and expertise garnered the location and recovery of four stolen vehicles, and the arrest of two car thieves.
Specifically, on January 17, 2015, Officer Escamilla conducted an investigation on a location which has been an ongoing problem and known for narcotics and gang activity for several years. He gathered information on individuals residing at the location, which led to conducting a traffic stop. This traffic stop resulted in the arrest of a drug dealer and the recovery of approximately one ounce of crystal methamphetamine.
Not satisfied with just one arrest, he continued to keep the location under close surveillance. The very next day, he made a second traffic stop on a vehicle he knew to be associated with the same location. Officer Escamilla was able to arrest a second drug dealer who was in possession of approximately one ounce of crystal methamphetamine. In each case, Officer Escamilla took extra time to contact the Detention Release Officer and secure bail increases on both drug dealers, ensuring that they could not use their proceeds to get out of jail. His investigations and arrests led to our Community Impact Team obtaining and serving a search warrant at the same problem location. Our Community Impact Team located additional narcotics and paraphernalia and arrested the responsible criminals.
Not stopping there, Officer Escamilla continued the fight on crime and during the remainder of the month, made a total of four additional arrests for narcotics sales and seized over 65.5 grams of crystal methamphetamine.
These are all great examples of the fine, quality arrests and investigations Officer Escamilla conducts on a consistent basis. He was commended for his outstanding work ethic and efforts; a well-deserved award and recognition!