Top Cop - August 2013  The Buena Park Police Department recognizes our officers monthly who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the community.



Back on July 27, 2013, Officer Woo was working a detail assignment at Knott’s Berry Farm and was contacted by Knott’s security regarding activity in one of the hotel rooms over at the resort, wherein it was suspected that the guest had possibly used a stolen access card to rent the room.

Officer Woo arrived, reviewed the surveillance tape to identify the guest registered to the room, and then knocked on the hotel room door.  A female stepped out of the room and then closed the door behind her.  Inside the room, Officer Woo could hear people running around.  When Officer Woo made entry to the room, not only did he smell a chemical odor, but he recognized items consistent with committing fraud.  He saw a metal machine with gold colored ribbon that had credit card numbers embossed on it, wet sandpaper, Visa prepaid credit card cases and documents with credit card sequences on them.  He also saw a portable drill and other small tools.  Officer Woo notified Knott’s security of the suspects. Eventually, three additional suspects were detained during the investigation.  Also identified were two high-priced Porsche and Infiniti vehicles that were purchased using fraudulent credit information and they were seized. 

Economic Crimes Detective Alfonzo was called in to assist in the investigation.  Via surveillance footage, he obtained still photos of the additional suspects.  He also contacted another subject who was detained by Knott’s security.  Upon searching this subject, Detective Alfonzo found numerous counterfeit access cards in the subject’s possession, along with a notepad with additional credit card sequences -- consistent with what was found inside the hotel room by Officer Woo.  Detective Alfonzo was able to get the suspect to identify another involved suspect, in addition to recovering additional stolen merchandise bought with the stolen credit cards.  Even more impressive, was that Detective Alfonzo obtained admission from the suspects regarding a conspiracy to engage in a fraud ring involving stolen and fraudulent access cards.  The end result was five subjects being arrested during this investigation.

The observation skills of Officer Woo and comprehensive investigation by Detective Alfonzo led to the recovery of a significant amount of stolen property.  Because they worked together doing excellent police work and thoroughly investigating this case, these five criminals were charged by the District Attorney’s Office with a number of crimes and are being held accountable for preying on unsuspecting citizens and business owners.