Support Services

WorrallThe Support Services Division is led by Captain Gary Worrall. Captain Worrall began his law enforcement career as a police officer with the Buena Park Police Department in 1990. Captain Worrall possesses a Masters Degree in Political Administration from National University and is a graduate of the POST Supervisory Leadership Institute and POST Command College.  Captain Worrall is a proud husband, father of two sons, and comes from a law enforcement family:  his father is a retired police officer; his brother is an active police officer as well as three other family members serving in the law enforcement community.  Captain Worrall’s commitment to law enforcement is evident in his numerous citizen and department commendations over the years for the high quality work he has produced, and was recognized by his peers and subordinates as the Supervisor of the Year for both 2003 and 2004.

His work ethic, dedication and determination helped him excel through the ranks, as he worked a variety of assignments including Patrol, a Field Training Officer as well as Vice and Narcotics in the Detective Bureau where he worked as an investigator and a member of the California Department of Justice Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1999 and worked a variety of Supervisory assignments such as a Patrol Sergeant, Problem Oriented Policing Unit Sergeant, the Vice and Narcotics Unit Sergeant, and the Department’s Training, Crime Prevention, and Media Relations Supervisor.

In July of 2007, Captain Worrall was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, additionally serving the community as a Department Watch Commander, Detective Bureau Commander, and continuing his commitment to the Department’s S.W.A.T. Team in which he served as a member of this elite group for more than 21 years.  In April of 2014, he was promoted to the rank of Captain, where he currently leads the Support Services Division, sharing his 26 years of law enforcement experience with his division.

As the Support Services Commander, Captain Worrall is responsible for the Police Department budget along with leading of a group of highly skilled professional men and women who provide an array of essential services to the community. As the name suggests, one of the primary functions is providing support to our uniformed personnel. This support takes a variety of forms ranging from the processing of all records and reports, to the follow up investigations by our Detectives and Forensic Specialists. The officers and civilian employees of this division spend much of their time working in relative anonymity within the confines of the Police Department. The Support Services Division is comprised of two bureaus, Administrative Services and Investigations Bureau.

Administrative Services is managed by a Lieutenant with support from several Supervisors.  They are responsible for all the training of both officers and civilian personnel, Media Relations, Crime Prevention, Community Relations, the Police Explorer Program, the Citizen Assisting Police Volunteer Program, the Citizen Police Academy, the C.E.R.T. Program, Communications Bureau, Court Liaison, Records Processing, Report Transcription, the Property and Evidence Unit, Purchasing, the Information Technology Unit, Emergency Services Operations and the Field Training Officer Program just to name a few.

An annual undertaking for the Administrative Services Bureau is the Police Department’s Open House. This event gives the community an opportunity to tour our police facility, meet with Police Officers, police support personnel, other City departments such as Public Works, Parks and Recreation and Code Enforcement, in addition to a few community groups and organizations. We enjoy hosting the Open House annually, and building partnerships between the Police Department and the community.

Annually the Property and Evidence Technician collects and processes over 10,000 pieces of property that is taken as evidence, found property or for safe-keeping. Our Police Clerks process over 11,000 reports and almost 32,000 citations annually. Our Citizen Assisting Police Volunteers donate over 13,000 hours to the community and the Police Department every year. They assist with neighborhood vacation checks, Neighborhood Improvement Task Force inspections, canvassing the City during critical missing person situations, and guide station tours of our police facility.Support Services

The Investigations Bureau is comprised of 1 Lieutenant, 2 Sergeants, 13 Investigators, 3 Forensic Specialists, and 2 civilian Investigative Aides. Together, this Bureau is responsible for the follow up and investigations of over 4,000 criminal cases annually. These cases range from vandalism to murder, burglaries to identity theft and everything in between.

While the personnel in the Support Services Division is not as visible as our uniformed personnel, these individuals play an equally important role in the delivery of police services to the community members and visitors of Buena Park. And we look forward to continue providing excellent service to the Buena Park community!