School Resource Officer Program

School Resource Officer

In July of 1994, the Fullerton Union High School District and the Buena Park Police Department worked together to institute the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. The program provides uniformed police officers to work on the Buena Park High School campus during school hours. The SRO Program is designed to provide students and faculty a feeling of security while on campus, as well as to provide them with an opportunity to interact with members of the Police Department on a daily basis. The SRO handles the majority of investigations regarding potential criminal activity at the High School.

The presence of a uniformed police officer at the High School provides a deterrent to criminal activity by keeping an eye on the students during school hours, as well as discouraging unwanted and undesirable visitors from being on the school grounds or in the surrounding area.

School Resource OfficerOfficers assigned to the SRO Program teach alcohol-and-drug prevention courses to the students and are also present at many of the school’s sporting events and other organized activities throughout the school year. The SRO’s are available to students and faculty alike in order to offer advice, guidance, and counseling.  The bond established between the High School students and Police Department during the students’ critical developmental years creates a positive partnership for the entire Buena Park Community.

After seeing all the positive benefits that the SRO Program has had at Buena Park High School, the Buena Park Junior High School also has staffed a part-time SRO during the afternoon hours of school days.  In this capacity, a SRO at the Junior High School can begin working with at-risk students and break down barriers between the students and their Police Department at an early age.

Contact Numbers:

SRO Office at Buena Park High School (714) 992-8737

Buena Park High School   (714) 992-8601

Buena Park Junior High (714) 522-8491