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The City of Buena Park Police Department is currently experiencing a surge of job vacancies for both sworn and non-sworn personnel. This situation is not unique to Buena Park, with the majority of municipalities looking primarily for Police Officers – good Police Officers.  In fact, it’s become a full-time job of trying to fill these vacancies, so much that the Buena Park Police Department has created a temporary Hiring and Training Team – the “H.A.T.T.” – who are devoted to focusing their full-time attention on attracting successful job applicants and handling all the processes associated with it.  Buena Park’s H.A.T.T. consists of two sworn Police Officers, who are the City’s finest!  Working together, Corporal Diana Kotani and Officer David Bernal, under the direction of Sergeant Judy Williams, are putting all their effort into scouting out candidates for both sworn and non-sworn positions.  Are you or someone you know, looking to be part of the Buena Park Police Department’s incomparable team?  If so, please contact Corporal Diana Kotani at or Officer David Bernal at  They are looking forward to hearing from you!

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