Top Cop - October 2015  The Buena Park Police Department recognizes our officers monthly who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the community.



Corporal Patrick Carney has an uncanny ability to catch criminals and our supervisory staff recognizes this awesome trait and so much more.  Once again the Buena Park Police Department supervisors have selected Corporal Carney as the recipient of the Department’s Chuck Presley Top Cop Award for October 2015.

While working patrol on October 27, 2015, Corporal Carney was dispatched to a residential burglary on Marshall Avenue.  The items stolen were computers, jewelry and high-end purses, with an estimated total loss of $15,000.  As Corporal Carney assessed the situation and began his investigation, the victims approached him with a cell phone they had found in the bathroom, which just happened to be the point of entry.  They had no idea who the cell phone belonged to.  From your experience, Corporal Carney believed the cell phone more than likely belonged to the suspect who committed the burglary.

Because of his tenacity, Corporal Carney was able to positively identify who the cell phone belonged to.  He noticed that the owner of the phone had been texting someone staying at the Copper Barrel Motel; therefore, off he went to the Copper Barrel Motel!  He discovered the person texting the burglary suspect was staying in room 204 and so Corporal Carney set up a surveillance on the room.  Once he confirmed there were subjects definitely inside the motel room, he contacted them.  He determined they were not involved in the burglary, but they knew the suspect and had loaned him money to stay at another motel.  With this information, Corporal Carney began to contact the surrounding motels.  Finally, he learned the suspect’s girlfriend was staying at the nearby Century Motel and, based on the description of the male that was with her, Corporal Carney had good reason to believe that this could be the burglary suspect.

Armed with that information, Corporal Carney went to the Century Motel to make contact with the potential suspect and his girlfriend.  As he talked with them, Corporal Carney noticed numerous items stolen from the burglary inside their room.  In due course, he was able to get the suspect’s girlfriend to confess to knowing the property was stolen and that she had already pawned several pieces of jewelry.   Next, he spoke to the burglary suspect and eventually got him to confess that he, in fact, was involved in the burglary and he even identified his partner as well.  Corporal Carney also retrieved the majority of the stolen property at the motel and more items from the pawn shop.

Very simply, Corporal Carney has an exceptional ability to investigate crimes and ultimately draw out the truth from your suspects.  Corporal Carney utilized his sharp instincts to work through the leads on the cell phone and capture the crook!  He ended up arresting the suspects and recovering the stolen property within hours of the crime.  This is just another fine example of Corporal Carney’s outstanding skills and professionalism.