Top Cop - June 2014  The Buena Park Police Department recognizes our officers monthly who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the community.



On June 11, 2014, at 1:31 a.m., Corporal Galos responded to a burglary alarm at the Paul’s Place Restaurant.  While there, he contacted one of the owners who reported that there was a burglary from their office with a loss of $6,000 cash.

Corporal Galos conducted an area check of the surrounding area and located a witness waiting at the nearby bus stop.  The witness told informed Corporal Galos that he saw the suspect climb down the roof, using a ladder, and was able to provide a description of the suspect.  Corporal Galos provided the suspect’s description to the owner of the restaurant who, in turn, advised that it may be a family friend.

Utilizing his prior detective experience, Corporal Galos quickly created a photo line-up to show to the witness before he left the area.  Knowing time was of the essence, as the witness appeared to be homeless and that detectives may never have located him again, Corporal Galos acted quickly in obtaining all necessary information.   From the photo line-up, he was able to get a positive identification of the suspect.
Along with his patrol partners, Corporal Galos went to the suspect’s house and confronted him about the theft.  He initially lied to officers about the incident, but was arrested based on the positive identification.  Detectives responded and were able to obtain a confession from the suspect and ultimately recovered the $6,000 cash from the suspect’s residence.
Corporal Galos’ thorough investigation and prior detective experience resulted in great service to the victim and recovery of his money.  This was a great team effort by all officers involved.