Top Cop - November 2013 The Buena Park Police Department recognizes our officers monthly who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the community.



For the fourth time this year, supervisors selected Officer Thomas Carney as the Department’s Top Cop for two incidents handled over the past month that made him a unanimous pick.

On November 17, 2013 at about 1 a.m., officers were dispatched to the rear parking lot of the Brookstone Apartments wherein it was reported that two suspicious males were seen standing by a vehicle.  When Officer Carney arrived, the males were gone.  Nevertheless, he located the vehicle they had been standing by and discovered that the license plates did not belong to it and were reported stolen three days prior out of the City of Placentia.  The car itself had been reported stolen one month prior out of the City of Santa Ana.  Officer Carney devised a plan to surveil the car in an undercover car in the parking lot with marked units set up at both exits in order to prevent the car from leaving the parking lot and avoiding a pursuit.  Within 20 minutes of surveilance, a male and a female got into the car and began to drive towards the exit.  Police units converged on the vehicle and both occupants were taken into custody.  Officer Carney was able to get the male to admit knowledge of the vehicle being stolen. The male arrestee gave up his uncle as the one who stole the vehicle and narcotics.

Then, on November 18, 2013 at 2:30 a.m., Officer Carney attempted to make a car stop at Orangethorpe Avenue and Knott Avenue.  The vehicle appeared to be yielding, but as it turned south on Emerson Drive, it accelerated and Officer Carney went in pursuit.  Emerson Drive is a dead end street, but the suspects, later determined to be two males and one female, continued through the dead end and careened into a driveway, crashing into a vehicle and eventually into the house.  The three occupants of the vehicle ran in different directions.  One ran across the lawn, over the retaining wall and into the flood control channel. Officer Carney detained the female running across the front lawn.  During apprehension, a loaded .38 revolver fell out of her clothing.  Additionally, as Officer Carney walked her to his police unit to place her in the back seat, a .40 caliber automatic handgun fell out of her clothing.  While this was happening, the male driver broke into the house, exited out the back and jumped over the retaining wall into the flood control channel.  A local resident called Dispatch and reported a subject standing on the sidewalk across from his home.  Officers Carney and Ramirez approached the subject and Officer Carney recognized him as the driver of the vehicle and took him into custody.  Officers were unable to locate the third subject after a yard-to-yard search.  Officer Carney knew the third subject had to be somewhere over on Aragon Street and so he gave it one last effort to find him, which he did, and took him into custody!  Four days later, the Anaheim Police Department called to advise the driver of the vehicle was the suspect of a homicide in their city three weeks prior and they believed the .40 caliber handgun recovered was the gun used in the homicide.  Consequently, they did, in fact, confirm it matched the gun used in their homicide.

Once again, Officer Carney’s enthusiasm for his job, tenacity and good police work has led to five criminals going to jail, and off the streets of Buena Park.