Top Cop - December 2013 The Buena Park Police Department recognizes our officers monthly who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the community.



During the December 14, 2013 patrol officers’ graveyard briefing, the Sergeant discussed the “Target Crime Activity Report” that pointed out an increase in auto burglaries in the area of 7450 Crescent Avenue, as well as some other locations in the City. 

On December 15, 2013 at 1:24 a.m., Officer James Lee went on foot patrol in the 7400-block of Crescent Avenue, with the hope of locating an auto burglar.  He located a subject who was between two parked vehicles in the rear gated parking lot of 7450 Crescent Avenue.  When Officer Lee questioned the subject as to what he was doing between two parked cars, he responded that he lived there and then fled on foot.  Officer Lee chased the subject, but lost sight of him when he jumped over a wall onto Western Avenue.  As officers arrived on scene, Officer Lee found the subject hiding in some bushes.  The subject now told officers that he was homeless and was looking for a place to sleep.  He said he ran because it was a habit for him to run from the police.

During Officer Lee’s search of the area, he found no auto burglaries, most likely due to locating the subject just a few minutes too early.  It turned out that the subject was on probation and was arrested for a probation violation.

Officer Lee displayed great attention to detail during briefing and a determination to catch the suspect responsible for these burglaries, and his efforts paid off!  Even though he caught the suspect before a burglary was committed, there is little doubt that he is probably responsible for the four prior burglaries in this location.