Area Commander Program

Area Commander Program

Area Commander Program

The Buena Park Police Department is driven by the philosophy of community policing.   As such, officers, detectives, and support staff are expected to spend time identifying solutions to problems and concerns in the City.  The Police Department strives to create partnerships within the community, in an effort to work together to address and solve issues that are important to the people who live, work and play in the City of Buena Park.

To expand on this philosophy, the City is divided into two geographical areas:  the north area and the south area.  One Police Lieutenant is assigned to each geographical area.  The North Area Commander oversees the portion of the City north of State Route-91, and the South Area Commander is responsible for the remaining portion of the City, south of State Route-91.  These two Lieutenants work together to deliver community policing and problem-solving strategies in their assigned areas and provide crime trend information to the public.         
All community members of Buena Park are welcome to contact the appropriate Area Commander to discuss any problems.

North Area Commander 

South Area Commander

Lieutenant Holliday

Lieutenant Shea

 Lieutenant Steve Holliday
(714) 562-3830
Lieutenant Kevin Shea
(714) 562-3832 


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